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Domestic Investigative Services

Our ICB Florida investigators are highly trained in marital and domestic surveillance, as well as civil and criminal surveillance. We are equipped with the latest cameras and video equipment, as well as advanced communication capabilities for observation and documentation of evidence in all domestic surveillance cases.

Our investigators have years of experience conducting all types of domestic surveillance. In addition, we pride ourselves on our discretion and confidentiality in these sensitive domestic matters. Classified investigations are conducted to substantiate or disprove alleged disability, misconduct or infidelity. Observations made during domestic surveillance are executed to present the most convincing evidence in a court of law. Observations made during domestic surveillance are executed to present the most convincing evidence in a court of law.

If you suspect your domestic partner of any type of misconduct, don't agonize over your suspicions. Allow our professional Florida investigators to help you set your mind at ease. Within a very short timeframe, you'll be able to rest assured that your partner is innocent of any wrongdoing, or you'll have the proof to confront him or her about any inappropriate actions. To learn more about domestic surveillance in Florida, contact our office.

ICB's Domestic Investigative Services can include:

Suspected Infidelity / Spousal Investigation

You have the right to know if your spouse, mate or partner is being faithful. If you suspect infidelity, ICB has the ability to document your partner’s activities by video in public places. We can perform surveillance's on your partner while they are on business trips or while you are away from home. We will work as your investigator on your behalf and will gather the facts and evidence you need to make an informed decision, all within your budget and comfort level.

Child Support / Wage Verification

If you are receiving or seeking child support, ICB can assist in obtaining evidence that your former partner is currently working or hiding a second job from the court system. Through a combination of surveillance and investigative work, we can determine if there is unreported income that can be used in court.

Alimony / Co-Habitation Investigation

Alimony is often imposed by the courts in which one party must pay the other party money after their divorce. ICB can determine through surveillance and investigative work if the circumstances have changed such as co-habitation. We can assist in determining whether or not your ex is living with someone else. If your suspicions are right you can petition the court for a reduction or revocation of your alimony obligations.

Marital and Domestic Surveillance Fees

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